Tuesday, 12 October 2010

To buy or not to buy...

Hello. Don't worry this isn't another post about buying the iPad and getting buyers remorse. I'm not THAT boring (shut up Graham).
I'm renting a house at the moment - those of you who have paid attention to past posts will already know that. One of the worst things about it is there is carpet in the kitchen AND then bathroom. Carpet in the bathroom isn't too bad I guess but in the kitchen is unforgivable. So, even though I'm only renting the place I can't really live with it any longer so I have decided to get it changed. So I've just had a guy come round to measure up and the price? £170.00 (ish) fitted. Now the dilemma. I don't plan on being here for more than a few months really - no more than a year maybe - so do I spend that much money on a new floor or not? I've already spent £40 on a small piece of flooring for the bathroom so that's been changed (not a picnic I can fcukin' tell you) but it's done. So what to do about the kitchen?? Decisions decisions... Comments to the usual address.


jojohedgehog said...

don't do it!!!
Why make the lazy, fat, smug, skinflint of a landlords house any better for the sake of a few months.

Phil Dawson said...

1. remove carpet
2. place in unseen location
3. enjoy
4. re-lay carpet
5. bond return

Total - $0

Anonymous said...

You must be paying the landlord enough without funding his home improvements. And when you get a job and you're out all day you won't give a monkeys what the kitchen floor is like when you get home.
Save the money to spend on your future home.

All the best,

Simon said...

Sorry folks - I went ahead and did it!
New flooring being fitted Friday. I know it's money spent on a house I don't own but it'll make my time here happier so I think it's a good investment. Thanks for the input though.
Btw - iPad = awesome!!

Anonymous said...

You should be out job hunting not buying gadgets and carpet ! !

Simon said...

So who's the brave anonymous giving me job hunting advice??