Saturday, 23 October 2010

Some good news...

It was a strange day yesterday. In fact it's been a strange couple of days.
I had an interview on Thursday for a sportswear company. Not one of the big boys, but an exciting company nonetheless.
I thought it went well, I got on with the guy who would have been my boss, and the thought of working for the company was very exciting.
Yesterday was the first anniversary of my dads passing. I was fine for most of the morning but then on the drive to the second interview for the sportswear company (turns out they liked me and thought I was worth seeing again) I did get a little upset. I was thinking about the drink I was going to have with him when I got back to the pub, which got me thinking about the wake...anyway I didn't get to the point of crying but it was close.
So after a quick, perfectly timed phone call from Mr. P. Senior (thanks mate) I went in to the second interview. Oh, at the first interview I was suited and booted as is the custom at interviews but the office is a dress down office and they said to turn up to the second one in clothes I normally wear. Now I knew they didn't mean what I normally wear at weekends (chaps and a pair of swimming goggles) but it still felt strange going to and interview in jeans and a sweatshirt. To cut a long story short (too late!) they offered me the job and I accepted. I start a week on Monday. Of course I'm very happy to be getting the last piece of my life back on track but I'm also nervous and a little scared. I think those feelings are normal though.
Oh and the job is as a software developer - so basically it's the stuff I've been doing anyway which is cool.

In case you're wondering why I haven't mentioned the name of the company I don't feel it would be very professional for someone to be searching for the company name and come across this blog! It happened at my last job and I don't wanna make that same mistake!

Have a nice weekend everybody.


Charlie Naseweis said...

Get in! Nice one!!!

jojohedgehog said...

Ah didn't doubt you would get it for one second! Well done, onwards and upwards xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Simon!
Just for a minute I thought you might might be developing new joggers or swimwear, as a career change.
You're right not to mention the company name. That was how I found your blog - the one interesting link I ever found!
Wishing you all the very best,

Phil Dawson said...

Well done buddy

Anonymous said...

Well done!