Monday, 12 October 2009

This can't be right

OK, I know I keep going on about it, but this morning I finished all the work I had to do by 07:50 this morning. That's it. No more emails to respond to, no code to work on... By Thor's Hammer it's frustrating.

Anyhoo... We had a flying visit to my in-laws this weekend, just an overnight stop, but the BIG difference is that before it could take anything up to four hours to get there whereas now it's an hour away. As a consequence, it's a lot easier for us to drive up there on a Saturday, spend the night, and come back on the Sunday. So that was nice.

I also had a game of online golf with my friend Scott in the U.S, and got my arse handed to me... annoying, seeing as I was 'giving it large' the week before!

Jake didn't play this weekend, as he wasn't well (cold, cough etc.) and I didn't play as we had a break for 'international commitments'.

This week... well, apart from the mind numbing boredom of no work today, I don't have much planned. So we'll take each day as it comes.

So think of me today, as you're working hard doing what you do... you may not like your job and feel like you're too busy to even pee, but rest assured you're in a better situation than me.


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