Friday, 16 October 2009

Another week slain at the alter of the weekend

Just a fancy way of saying that Friday's here at last.
It's been a fairly shitty week if I'm honest - but only because of the lack of work (don't worry, I'm not going to go on about all that again).

Someone here in the office just asked me what my plans are for the weekend, and as boring as it sounds, it could be summed up with just one word - football.
I had the email I was waiting for last night, confirming that I am in the squad for the game on Sunday afternoon (yay). Jake also has a game on Saturday morning so we'll see how he does there. Saturday afternoon I'll be watching football on TV, and then when I finish the game on Sunday afternoon I'll be rushing back home to watch City on the TV. So it is a weekend of football.

I went to John Lewis yesterday, and bought myself a new cookbook - the Wagamama Cookbook.
For those that don't know what Wagamama is, check out their website.
So now I am all enthused about oriental / Asian cooking, and will hopefully get hold of some of the ingredients to try a couple of the dishes this weekend. The two that have caught my eye so far are poached cod with shiitake mushrooms & soy, and a barbecue & honey roasted pork with noodles. P*H*W*O*A*R!

Oh, and I realized last night what's been missing from my life recently... music! I haven't been sitting at my desk listening to music recently, as I have had no need to drown out background noise because there has been none. This has happened before... I get a 'craving' for something, something undefinable, and then I realize my MP3 player hasn't seen the light of day for ages and my car stereo hasn't been switched on for ages, and that makes me think 'music!'. So I might try and rectify that today... I have a couple of albums on my iPhone that I haven't listened to properly, so I could maybe play those.

Anyway... a bit of a rambling post there, but I hope whatever you lot are doing at the weekend, you stay safe & have fun.


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