Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Seconds out, round tw... oh.

So I came in this morning all fired up, expecting some snotty reply from the U.S about the email I sent yesterday... and nothing happened. The person responded with a very reasonable "OK, I'll make the changes in the rest of the code, thanks."

Oh... how disappointing! I was expecting fire and brimstone and the gnashing of teeth and the breaking of bones (as my old music teacher used to say) but there was nothing. Which, if I'm honest, was a little bit of a relief because I'm not in the mood for confrontation today.

Another day of no work in prospect... boredom... depression... not conducive to energetic exploits like arguing and getting angry.

Number One Son will be training with a new team tonight... the team two of his friends play for, so he's looking forward to that. We're not going to be leaving his current team (Stockport Vikings) just yet, but it'll be good to see if there really is a difference in technical ability and team play between the two. Oh, and England are playing tonight, but I couldn't give less than two turds about that.

So that's my Wednesday. Today, I will mostly be sitting here reading a book. For the next 6 hours. Unless someone wants me to do something for them... but I doubt it.

Try and have fun today whatever you do.


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russ said...

"Unless someone wants me to do something for them..."

Right, I would like:
* a list of your 10 favourite albums of all time
* a short story (roughty 200 words) about a dwarf and a penguin
* 5 points that may make me think that MP's are not all old crooks who couldnt run this country for toffee.