Thursday, 8 October 2009

School days

Last night I had a really good idea for a post. It was funny, intelligent, and above all interesting. But do you think I can remember it now, this morning? Can I bollocks. I'm rubbish.

Anyway - not a bad journey back yesterday. I left Birmingham at about 14:00 and was back home by 15:40. I had time to go get my long wavy locks cut at the local barbers, and then walk the dog.

Tonight, Number One Son's future senior / high school is having an open evening, for potential new students and parents to go take a look around. I still recall when I went to look around my new schools when I was 10 / 11. We had a choice of 4 or 5 schools in the area, so we went to look around them all. From what I remember, it was quite daunting... the sheer scale of the place, the bigger buildings, bigger playground etc. compared to the junior school I was in. It was quite unnerving. I have no doubts that Jake will cope fine with this though, as he's a lot more confident at this age than I was.

I hated school. I know a lot of people say that, but I really did. Junior school was great, but then it's not real school is it, its a doss. Senior school is where the work really starts.

** Confession Alert ** Confession Alert ** Confession Alert ** Confession Alert **

I was bullied for about three & a half years of the five years I was in high school. Nothing overly dramatic - I mean, I was never subjected to some of the horror stories you hear about in the media now days, but I was one of the first to be the butt of the jokes, the one singled out for different treatment from my peers. I know some of it was probably my own doing - I had a big mouth on me that got me into trouble sometimes, but a LOT of it was just the vindictive little bastards in my year at school having nothing better to do than single me out. I was quite small in school (still am, some would say) and I have ginger hair, so you can put two & two together can't you. I wasn't the only one, and in fact became very good friends with one of the other guys who got a lot of stick, and we remained friends for a few years after we left school. But, there wasn't a lot of other people who were treated the way I was. This was a big, massive, part of the reason I hated school so much. And now, as a parent, I am worried that Jake will receive the same treatment. He already knows that his hair color singles him out, and he deals with this really well (as far as I know), but kids his age haven't really developed their vindictive muscles yet... the next three to five years is when that really kicks in. I think he'll be OK though, as he is much more confident than I was, and I know he wouldn't put up with as much stick is I did. He is also a talented footballer, which appeals to the sporty types, and good at street dancing / performing which will appeal to the girls! So I think there is more hope for him.

I just read all that back - I didn't really plan for it being such a big outpouring of what happened in school... but it's out there now.

So... have a lovely Thursday everyone. It's nearly the weekend!



purplegirl said...

Hurry up and watch those House episodes! You have no idea what you've already missed! Gah! :)

Colin said...

I know exactly what you mean about bieng bullied.

I had a torrid time at school and the some of you who know me will understand what I mean.

I hated my Secondary school. There was one incident after I left school which I was quite proud of!

One of my tormentors had his face all mashed up after Bieng in a fight with Mike Tyson! some girl brought him to my mum and dads house!

My brother was having a little party and this girl turns up with him to my parents house. I litterally told him to fcuk off! I thought how dare you come to my home wanting sympathy!

you were one of the arseholes who made my life torrid at school.

I think my point is you always manage to get your own back in some way shape or form!

Jake will be fine and he will have a great time next year at his new school.

russ said...

At school I too was subjected to taunts relating to my hair colouring. (another ginger here!)
It's looking my 8 week old son has similar colouring so I am kinda getting concerned that he too will get the teasing.
But, as someone pointed out to me. Kids will tease about something or other. If it's not about hair colour, it will be about something else. So why worry.
As long as it doesnt turn physical then its best to ignore/put up with it. They'll soon get bored of getting no reaction from you and give up.

Simon said...

Russ - they way I've handled it with Jake is to say "look, you've got this hair color, people WILL take the mick, but if you can just laugh it off, or better yet laugh along with them, you'll do OK". After a while, I used to challenge the people calling me names to think of better, more original ones.. when they say "blood nut" or "copper knob" I'd say "yeah yeah, I've heard that before, can't you do better?" and when they saw it didn't bother me and they couldn't think of something original, they'd give up. That's basically how Jake has been handling it (not that he's had a lot of it). Sometimes he's actually proud of his hair color, and with his friends in some areas has the nick name Ginger Ninja which he loves.