Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I received another email from the good ol' U S of A this morning. Long story short, I was asked if I knew anything about a code change, replied in the negative (because I didn't know anything about it at the time) and then this morning received the email that made me want to hurt someone / something.

I won't include the whole email, but the killer line, the one that made me swear like a drunk sailor, was :-

"Could you at least make an attempt to do some research and find out why this was done?"

Just seeing it there again has made me slap the tea lady... The nerve of this fella. The code he was talking about was changed four & a half years ago and he said that my name was the last person who updated it. Also, in the comments of the code, I have written something that tries to explain the change. So yes, OK, I made the change... but does anyone know what they did four & a half years ago, and more importantly, why? So, I did "make an attempt" and "did some research" and found out a couple of things;

1. I still don't know why this change was done. I have no emails or records from that long ago to remind myself why I made the change.

B. I don't think anyone, unless they are so anal they should be committed, keeps records of a little code change they made that long ago.

4. This bloke has no idea how much he wound me up with that comment, but if he did it on purpose, he'd better be out the next time I pop across the ocean to our U.S office.

But, trying to remain professional and above it all, I replied calmly and sensibly, stating I still didn't know why the change was made, but maybe a couple of other people who may have been involved could help. By Merlin's Beard I'm good.

Anyway. In other news...

My hands are still bad, but I haven't yet tried the Apple Cider Vinegar cure (a sad indictment of just how bone idle I can be... the stuff is there, I just haven't done anything with it yet)

I just finished reading Chris Evans' autobiography "It's Not What You Think" and I have to say I was impressed. I know he annoys a hell of a lot of people, and when he was most famous and going out on the lash with Paul "Nuttier than a bag of monkeys" Gascoigne he did get on my boobs too, but now he seems to have mellowed and his book was a darn good read. Recommended.

It's only Tuesday and I'm tired of the week already. *sigh*.

Have a nice day children.


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Phil Dawson said...

dont ever vent your anger, just bottle it in for long enough that you pop the next 13 year old that asks you if you 'want fries with that' when you actually did order fries.