Monday, 5 October 2009

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Evenin' all.

OK, Jake first. He had an audition for a character called Gavroche in Les Miserables. He goes to a stage school once a week, where he does drama, singing and dance. As part of it, they get notified when productions needs kids for whatever role, and this time Jake was put forward for this character. He went to the audition on Saturday morning, did OK in the first part when he got recalled, but then didn't get picked, which was a shame. However, it's good experience for him, and he'll know what to expect next time, as there will be more productions coming up.

Me - we were well and truly beaten on Sunday. The team we played were quicker, sharper, fitter, and played better football. We were taught a footballing lesson and no mistake. They also had more players in their 30's than we did, which helps. I'm not making excuses, but in my personal defense, this was only the second game I played for this side, I started the game and played for about 70 minutes, so was absolutely knackered, and I'm still getting back up to match fitness, so I did OK. We now have a two week break (for internationals(!)) and in the meantime I am determined to get out there and pound the streets. I need to get my fitness & stamina up as quick as possible, so I'll be running running running (Who said "Run, Fat Boy, Run"?). However, this is going to be hard to do tomorrow & Wednesday as I am in bloody Birmingham again. Shit biscuits.

The rest of this week... City are on TV tonight away at Villa (Come on the blues), as I said I am in Birmingham tomorrow and Wednesday (staying overnight this time, rather than drive back and forth) and then Thursday & Friday I have no plans.

Stay tuned folks, more updates all this week.

Update: The stuff I ordered turned up - the Hairy Bikers cook book looks really nice, and the recipes look fabulous. The Ian Brown album "My Way"... I'm disappointed in it. I bought the EP he released before the album and the four songs on it are also on the album, and they are the best tracks too... so it's a bit of a con and I'm a little annoyed at that. But I also downloaded from iTunes an album called "XX" by a band called "The XX". I know, weird. But the sound is like Portishead, or Massive Attack. Very mellow and relaxing. Recommended.

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LolrenLollipop said...

The hairy bikers/bakers are awesome. If you like curries there is an awesome book just simply called 'The curry book' which I basically live off :)