Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Surprisingly free of aches & pains

I played football again last night... it was a 'short notice' thing, one of the players from Wilmslow Town plays regularly on a Monday night, and their group of blokes were a couple short, so he sent an email out asking for volunteers. As I was one of the first (or maybe only?) to respond, I was asked to go along.
It was good. No youngsters running rings round me, all blokes my age or there abouts and good football played. I thought I might be sore this morning, but I'm actually OK.
I found out there isn't a game in the league for us for three weeks... bummer. So anything I can do to keep the fitness level up (well, improve it first, then keep that level) will be welcome. Although I can't stand road running, I think that's what I'm going to have to do. I did consider getting a push bike, but a flabby, miserable, sweaty, red faced man wobbling along on two wheels is not a sight to inflict upon the fair inhabitants of Stockport and it's surrounding areas. Swimming is also out. I wouldn't want to be seen with my pale, hairy body splashing around by some young, fit & healthy life guard who'd think I was drowning and put me through the indignity of trying to give me mouth to mouth by the side of the pool. And I can't join a gym because a) I can't afford the money each month 2) I get very bored in gyms and d) I wouldn't go often enough to benefit from it. So it looks as though road running is all I can do. Joy.
Nothing tonight. Number One Son has training tomorrow night. Nothing Thursday OR Friday night. Then it's the weekend, and on Sunday afternoon we're off back down to London to see my parents for the week. It's half term, see, so my mother will be looking after Jake for the week, I will be working out of my old Uxbridge office, and catching up with my mates. There are also TWO new additions to the extended family that is me and my friends that I have yet to meet, and I'll be doing that also.
Have a safe and quiet Tuesday everyone.

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