Tuesday, 15 March 2011


So the countdown has begun - nearly half way through my fourth-to-last day here.
As it is with a lot of jobs I'm guessing, it's proving very hard to stay motivated. I really don't need to be here anymore, I've done all I can work-wise and I'm not being given anything of substance to get on with and pass the time (understandable of course).
Once I leave here I have a total of 16 working days off (woohoo!) before starting my new career - so it's even harder to keep on getting up and coming in here this week.

I had an unexpected by nonetheless very enjoyable evening with my LGF last night which helped lift my somewhat somber mood that I have been in of late - but we stayed up too late for a school night and drank too much wine so this morning I was a little bit 'bleaurgh'.

Tonight I have another golf lesson and then I'll be collecting Jake and having him tonight.
The rest of the week cannot pass quickly enough - and I'm trying to work out how early I can get away with leaving on Friday afternoon!

Finally, although I will be posting my latest blog post on Twitter & Facebook, I am still not taking part for the forseeable future. But I do need to get my blogs out there and Twitter & Facebook are good for that.

Have a good Tuesday.


jojohedgehog said...

Nothing worse than being bored, not busy and just wanting the week to end, not long now babe! Enjoy your 3 weeks off, you deserve it, and yes I can confirm that being woke up at 6am this morning after that late night last night was not fun, worth it though x

Simon said...

Oh yes, definitely worth it... I never did get that steak...

jojohedgehog said...