Tuesday, 8 March 2011


A quick catch up - I've been tasked with creating a new application (a small one) to show my potential new employer that I am up to the job. The actual application is quite straight forward but I'm stuggling with certain parts of it. It's REALLY frustrating because what I am trying to achieve I could do in my current technologies reasonably quickly, but the fact I am trying to learn this new language as I go is proving a bit of a pig. It doesn't help that I can only do it after work which means I am getting home at around 6.30, dealing with Jake and making dinner (if he's with me) spending time with him and THEN starting the work... by which time I've done a full days work and an evenings parenting which means I'm shattered. If I didn't want this job so much I wouldn't be so stressed about it but I really want this job!
I have three more evenings to try and make some more progress and then this Friday is D-Day *bom bom baaaaah*.
I think I am going to get as much done as I can, and if it's not complete to the standard I would want it to be I will just try and talk my way through it and see what the owners think. I just know that as Friday approaches my stress level will slowly rise...

I've not been on twitter or facebook much over the weekend... I tend to pay more attention to it during the week. There are a lot of funny people on twitter that I would recommend you follow.
If you're already on twitter you can follow me here - if you're NOT on twitter yet get yourself to the Homepage and create an account. It's easy. It takes some getting used to at first, as my LGF found out, but now she's more addicted to it than me!

Have a good day today and keep coming back here - more posts every day. And if you like my blog, please pass it onto others and leave lots of lovely comments!


Miss Jones said...

Tis I the enigma. Just to say love your blogs . Xx

Simon said...

Thank you Miss Jones. I'll be catching up with yours this evening

Anonymous said...

So Simon, whats the mysterious language?

Simon said...

It's something called visualforce and apex. It's not too difficult but learning a new language is never quick!

Anonymous said...

indeed, good luck with that