Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Tuesday (but on Wednesday)

I had a golf lesson last night. I've booked a block of three and plus an hour assesment of my game using video cameras. Last night was the hour video assesment. I've not been in front of a camera since that night with those nice young ladies from Vietnam... but I digress.
The purpose of the lessons is to get more consistency in my game. I can hit through the bag (which means I'm OK with every club) but I can't do it every time which is where I need to improve.
Last night the pro who was teaching me (the last time I said that "pro" it was short for "prostitute" and she was teaching me... well, that's another story). Anyway, his name was Adrian and he was a really nice guy and obviously knows his stuff. He has made two quite fundemental changes to my setup and swing which I know I'm going to stuggle with but I do understand why he has made these changes and I know that they will benefit my game. I just found it quite frustrating last night because I knew what he wanted me to do but getting my body to do it was hard. It was only near the end of the lesson that I started to bully my body into behaving. The important part now is to practice between lessons which I aim to start doing on Saturday morning.

There aren't many nice feelings of anticipation than looking forward to a nice meal out. I have booked a table for my LGF and I this Friday at Damson in Heaton Moor. You've heard me speak of this place before and it's our favourite restaurant but it's a tad expensive so it's not somewhere we go very often but now it's booked up I honestly can't wait.
The rest of this week is made up of having Jake tonight and tomorrow night which of course is awesome. Oh, and I have things to do with regards to my potential new job... more on that at a later date.


Cantona07! said...

Nice one matey, best of luck with the swing and have gr8 times wiv Jake and LGF on meal out. I have a half set of clubs gathering dust and also plan to get out on driving range soon wiv Dan, and then take the plunge and play 9 holes first, then a full round. Be gr8 to have a round sometime in the summer with you. Having yourself recorded is taking it too the extreme, but if it helps then i can see the benefits. At our age, getting your body to move in a different way is like getting up off the floor .......not easy! God knows what it will be like in ten yrs time LOL! Must dash. All the best. Stevex

jojohedgehog said...

Having just viewed the Menu at Damson I am wondering if I will actually sleep tonight with the excitement! Can't wait x

Simon said...

I didn't even know you played golf Steve. Definitely have to arrange a game in the summer that'll be awesome.

Yes Jo, I can't wait either... thanks for making me drool at my desk today!