Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I know I've already posted today and I know I have posted about this before in the past (I think) but I had to have another blast about the parking outside my house. People can only park on one side of the street (my side) and that's fair enough but what pisses me off more than grit in my undercrackers is when people don't park in a way to allow room for other cars. Some people (like those stuck up shit boxes opposite me) purposely park just so they can be right opposite their front door without any consideration for anyone else. If it's a nice evening and I have had an ok day at work then I don't mind so much parking a little way away and walking but when I've had a shite day and a shite journey home and I have stuff to carry I want to park outside my own bloody house. And when I can't I want to break things. Preferably those inconsiderate bastards who have taken up two spaces.
And...... Relax. Rant over :-)

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Anonymous said...

screwdriver -> tyres -> won't park there again

jojohedgehog said...

I have to leave a comment here because I live next door to Simon and that is EXACTLY what they do, I have no car at the moment so it is not so annoying for me, but they are buggers for it, it is so inconsiderate! And they are stuck up as well!

Simon said...

Although I don't advocate destroying other peoples property - that is bloody tempting.

Jo, we'll sort you a car soon.