Friday, 4 March 2011


First of all, sorry I've missed a couple of days. Things went a bit quiet so there wasn't much worth blogging about. However, I do have something to talk about today.

I haven't said this to my LGF because she'd worry / reassure etc. but I've been feeling rather unattractive and frumpy lately. (OK I just read that back and it makes me sound like a middle aged housewife, but bear with me). Now I'm no Max Branning but we all go through life, especially if we're involved with someone, have a small amount of confidence in our looks - "if x fancies / wants me then I can't be too hideous". But recently I've lost that little bit of confidence. I think there are a couple of reasons for this... I haven't spent any quality time with my LGF for a few days, and I've put on a little weight. (I can now hear you all going "aawwww" - but please there's no need). Something happened on the way home last night that perked me up a little though.
There was a lot of traffic on the M60 coming home, so we were all crawling along going nowhere fast. I was singing along and sit-down-dancing to Absolute Radio 90's (an awesome station - check it out here) and I looked to my left and there was this young studenty looking girl. Couldn't have been any more than 24. And she was smiling at me. "Shit" thinks I, "she just saw me singing & dancing - what a tool". So blushing, I kind of gave a half smile and told myself to stop acting like a mental patient when stuck in traffic.
We inched forward a little more and I heard a horn go... looked over to my left again and this girl was still smiling and now she waved. "OK, you're obviously mental to be smiling at me" thinks our hero. So I kind of gave a small wave and a smile back to be polite and then... she blew a kiss at me! I shit you not. Now the list of things that went through my head were:
"She's mental"
"She's taking the piss"
"She's blind" (a clever trick if seeing as she's driving)
"She's winning a bet"
"She thinks I'm famous" (I refer you to the Max Branning picture above)
"She's drunk"
"She's having a laugh at my expense"
But then I did myself a favour and thought... maybe she's genuinely attracted to me. Maybe I'm just her type and she's spotted me and I do strange things to her lady garden.
Anyway the traffic eased and we moved off and I sped on home. But I arrived with a new sense of feeling a bit better about myself - so thank you mysterious (possibly mental) girl on the M60.
Have a nice weekend all - and stay tuned. More posts tomorrow and Sunday.


Anonymous said...

My money's on her being mental.

Simon said...

An anonymous comment - brave! ;-)

Dave Mc said...

I'd say blind and mental

Simon said...

Thank you Dave. You've always been a source of strength and encouragement.

Anonymous said...

I bet your LGF is going to love reading this !

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't catch me in a traffic queue singing and looking happy. I'd be scowling or else nose-picking in the mirror, which doesn't have quite the same attraction. Well done!
Stay happy,

muman said...
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Anonymous said...

I think thats great. When we get to a certain age we sort of "pop off the radar". Its a great boost when you get that rare "beep" from a total stranger. Happiness is probably made her day. Guilt free enjoyment. At least you weren't picking your nose!

Simon said...

Anon - thank you! I try not to *cough* self groom in the car!