Wednesday, 24 December 2008

'Twas the night before Christmas...

Yes, it's nearly here. So what will today hold for me? I'm 'working' until around lunchtime (I say 'working' because unless something amazingly important and vital goes wrong, I doubt very much if any actual work will be done today) and then I'm off until the 5th / 6th January. I have the 5th booked off, but I might come in, who knows? That's the crazy sort of person I am!

I bought the last of my presents last night - some alcohol - and again using Russ as an inspiration, I went down to Sainsburys at around 22.30 last night. "This will be nice and quiet" I thought... HA!
Yes, there were lots of shelf stackers etc. doing their jobs, but I was surprised at the amount of crazy people down there. Stressed wives who have obviously dragged their husbands out with them trying to buy the last few things for a Christmas dinner... single men with a wild, desperate look in their eyes trying to find that perfect gift in the "Sources & Food Of The World" aisle... Over excited and giddy children bombing around the place, not able to believe they're out and about that late and in a shop... till workers who look either bored out of their minds or off their little nuts on pot - or possibly mogadon...
Still, I managed to get in and out in about 10 minutes, so all was well and good.

If I don't manage a post tomorrow (I may do, during the quiet moments, if inspiration strikes) then have a wonderful Christmas. I hope all your gifts are refundable and all your food stays in you. Peace, love and good wishes to all.

Oh, and I got you all a Christmas present circa 1982... (you'll need to switch it on first).

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Colin said...

Have a merry Christmas old chap

say hi to emma and jake