Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Observations for a Wednesday

Coughing sucks. I know, I know, you have all experienced a wrenching, painful, chesty, phlegmy, cough - but I have one at the moment and it's a bad one. It gives me a headache because I'm coughing so much, and it's been hard to sleep. Bastard.

Why are environmentalists always 'concerned'? I just listened to a news report on the TV, about airports being sold by BAA and how the new owners would want to expand them... much to the 'concern' of environmentalists. It must be miserable being an environmentalist - you're always concerned and there are so many things you have to worry about how can you just relax and enjoy life? New runways for airports, motorway expansions, redevelopment of waterways, parkland being given over to new schools / hospitals etc. etc. It seems every news report has SOMETHING that these poor environmentalists have to get their recycled knickers in a twist for... poor things.

With 8 days to Christmas, why am I not worried / panicky / stressing about the fact that I have NO presents bought yet? I would have thought that I would be quite wound up by this fact... but I seem surprisingly calm and collected. Is it the drugs? Is my mind protecing me some how? Who knows? But at the moment, I am quite at ease with the situation. I have no doubt I will have everything sorted by the big day even it means I am then skint for the next three and a half weeks!

More profound pronouncements tomorrow...


Phil Dawson said...

Is it me or does your little south park avatar appear to be nude from the waist down?

Seems rather appropriate tho

Simon said...

Yes. Yes he is. I made him that way.