Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A satisfying job

I know this is going to sound weird, what with me supposed to be a software developer and everything, but I just helped out the building maintenance man to plane a door.
Basically the main rear exit fire door needed the bottom planed as it was not opening or closing at all because of new carpet fitted underneath it. So we had to remove the door (bear in mind this is an external fire door so chuffin' heavy) and then plane it and re-hang it. We did it, of course, but the point is, is there anything more satisfying to a man than accomplishing something like that? There is a physical, actual, end result and the feeling of a job well done. Your hands are dirty, you've worked up a little sweat, and it gets you back in touch with your hunter / gatherer / provider instinct. A very good way to spend half hour this morning.
(And as the maintenance man has access to the stock cupboard, I got a diet coke and a couple of kit-kats for my reward!)

1 comment:

Phil Dawson said...

You forgot the excuse to use power tools!

Geez man, thats the best part.

P.S. Squidring is back! (squidringcom.blogspot.com)