Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Something needs to happen

See, this is why I haven't posted for ages - there's bog all going on in my life that's actually worth posting about. Yes number one son continues to be a source of strength, inspiration and frustration(!) and yes my LGF continues to make me smile and spend quality time with me.
There are one or two things going on with my working life at the moment that I can't really comment on yet for fear of shooting myself in the foot or pissing off the wrong people (if they read this) but that really is as far as it goes - getting by day to day.
This week for example I have no plans apart from having Jake tonight and Thursday night. That's it. I'm not training at the moment until my achilles tendonitis clears up and there is no match at the weekend.
The only long(ish) term plan I have is to start looking around to see what properties are available to move in to. This isn't a reflection on my neighbours (!) or anything else other than the house I am in is too old and I want somewhere a bit more modern. Unfortunately, I can't afford to buy just yet (and my financial / employment status is still in a state of minor flux) so I will be looking to rent again but it will be another 2 bed house in the same local area, so Jake can still see his friends etc. Nothing definite yet, just putting out feelers and seeing whats out there.
If there is anyone still out there reading this and they have any ideas about what they'd like me to write about then please let me know - your idea could be my inspiration!

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Anonymous said...

The trumpet was the last straw wasn't it! x