Monday, 14 February 2011

Can I do daily posts?

I'm (re)reading "Microserfs" by Douglas Coupland at the moment. For the uninitiated its a fictional journal by someone who starts out working for Microsoft circa 1992 and then leaves with some of his work colleagues to form their own company. I can understand those of you that are now thinking "how boring" but the way it's written (Douglas Coupland is a very good writer) and the subject matter make this a really good read. Anyway, that fact that it's written as a journal has inspired me to really put more effort into blogging daily.
Some of the 'posts' in this book are quite small or inconsequential and some are big and important with something major happening... so why don't I try doing that with this blog?
So first of all a catch up of what's happened over the past few days:
Had an interview for a new job on Friday - more details will follow but not before the 'jinxing' window has passed!
Spent Saturday with my LGF which was awesome and Sunday was spent doing 'me' stuff until the evening when my LGF and I went out for dinner (La Casona in Heaton Moor - a tapas place. Superb). So from tomorrow (or maybe tonight when I get home) there WILL be a daily post of either events, thoughts, ideas or opinions. Promise.
Oh, Happy Valentines day too everyone x

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