Thursday, 24 February 2011


So my mum arrived safe & sound today. She doesn't drive so she gets the train everywhere which she doesn't mind but it's a son's worry that she gets here ok.
Managed to convince the office I needed to leave at lunchtime to collect her from the station which was good. She's quite capable of making her own way here but you know, a son's duty etc.
She'll be looking after Jake tomorrow as he's on half term while I'm at work.
I have... something... on tomorrow afternoon so will be leaving at lunchtime again. I don't want to say what yet. (I have my reasons). But I will fill you all in soon, promise.

Finally just a quick plug for a new blog. It's done by someone I follow on twitter, it's his first blog and if his funny tweets are anything to go by it'll be a good read.
Check it out at RichNanks Ramblings. Peace out.

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Richnank said...

you gave me the push, and thank you for the kind words.