Wednesday, 16 February 2011


It seems I'm being inundated with job opportunities. Now this in itself is no bad thing as I do want to move on from my current role but the annoying thing is, why couldn't I get these calls a few months ago?!
I was out of work for about five months and was desperate for this kind of attention. I just hope something positive comes from them.

Jake is performing at the Palace theatre tonight and I have to go collect him at 10 o'clock tonight. Obviously pleased that Jake is doing something he loves but going out at that time of night is something young people do(!)

Speaking of Jake, tonight / tomorrow morning is the last time I'll see him until next Thursday. What with half term etc. he's going to be spending the time with his mum. I'm gonna miss him.

I want a new pair of boots. Like doc martins but not as 'brutal'. Suggestions?

Have a nice rest of Wednesday / Thursday listeners.

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Ugg? ;)