Wednesday, 29 September 2010

It's so hard...

I know I said I'd post every day, but I meant it when I said nothing exciting is going on right now. Yes there is a new lady in my life - and I will get round to telling you more about her, just not yet...
Oh OK, here's some little facts about her.
  • She likes bacon on toast, but not bacon sandwiches.
  • She drinks tea with no milk or sugar.
  • She feels the cold very easily.
  • She has bright blue eyes.
If this was a film now I'd say something like "I just feel I'm meant for something more, something important..." and then a whole raft of adventures would befall me and I would end up in some foreign country somewhere sack deep in trouble.
Alas, life isn't like a film. I'm looking out the window and it's peeing down with rain and I'm waiting for Jake to come home. He's with me for the next couple of nights now which is cool but as the days are drawing in and it's getting darker earlier there's not as much time for him to go out with his mates and I know that frustrates him.

So what's been turning me on recently... Heroes Series 2, The Bluetones, Stephen Fry's "Chronicles", "An Idiot Abroad" with Karl Pilkington, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, and beans & sausages on toast.

Soon it's the weekend, but hopefully something more interesting will happen between now and then and I can tell you all about it. Have a nice Wednesday.


Lolren said...

Late nights mean more cold. Cold means more bacon on toast infront of the tv with wooly socks on!

I recently set up a schedule to post, I didnt stick to it. Thing is, i'm not that bothered. Nothing exciting is going on in my life right now really. Nothing I think other people would be interested in anyway! Still keep up the blogging as much as you can, I enjoy reading your posts!

p.s Sausages and beans on toast with bacon and cheese

Simon said...

Lolren you're very kind. But I could say the same to you - what you don't think is interesting is actually MADE interesting by the way you tell it. So get posting!
Btw - I've treated myself to some rib eye steak for tea tonight... :-)