Thursday, 23 September 2010

A momentous day

Mark it in your diaries. Thursday, September the 23rd is the day I re-launch this blog.
It's not a re-branding so everything will look the same, but from now on I will endevour to update it daily.
I have been inspired by people like Stephen Fry, Manuel The Waiter, and Karl Pilkington.
The problem is I am not really doing much on a day to day basis at the moment as I'm still out of work, but on those days where naff all happens I will try and entertain and inform you with whatever has been going through my head.
Let's just recap:
- Separated from my (ex) wife since January 2010. I will share some of my feelings on that.
- Met a new woman who is officially my girlfriend - more on her to follow
- Jake is now a senior school student - I'll let you know how he's doing
- A new season has started with Wilmslow Town Vets FC - match reports will be forthcoming

I will be recording some more songs, attempting to write my own songs (I wanna try blues), and generally babbling away at you all.

I hope you all have not got bored and wandered away from this blog, and if you're still around thank you for your patience and I hope you will feel rewarded.

So... a new dawn etc. Let's go...


Manuel said...

good man....about time....

Toxfilter said...

If you want to play the blues you are going to have to come back to Chicago.

Simon said...

Thanks Manuel.
Toxfilter - you know I was thinking again the other day about another jaunt across the pond. It's SO tempting. If I can get some good news about a job soon, I will definitely consider popping back out there. Might be a bit late for golf, but no doubt we can do some other stuff. I'll let you know.

Phil Dawson said...

welcome back! dont bother going to america, fly upsidedown to oz and learn what the sun feels like