Saturday, 25 September 2010

A 'feelings' post...

Jake has been staying with me thoughout the week for the past three weeks, with just weekend visits to his mum. This is because she had some issues with accomodation but they are now sorted. So, for the past three weeks we've had a nice little routine going and it's been really nice. Today he has gone back to her until Wednesday. This weekend it's her birthday and on Monday it would have been our wedding anniversary. Consequently I'm in a bit of an emotional state today. I haven't mentioned this before, and I'm not going into details, but she has someone else in her life. So knowing he's going to be there as well... I'm not in a good place today.
I know deep down that I am not going to be replaced as Jake's dad but it's still hard to not feel threatened or insecure. Don't get me wrong, I don't go around feeling like this all day every day, but at times like this these kind of feelings surface.
Anyway - City are on TV today at lunchtime, so I can have a couple of beers in front of the match and then maybe walk over to the local pub for a little while. This melancholy mood won't last but I wanted to share it with you anyway. Have a nice Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,

If your still melancholic, and not ready to come out of it yet, put on the headphones, turn up the volume and listen to this:

The sound quality is good. If I listen to it loud I go quite sweaty (sorry). It might even inspire you to write something.

Looking forward to further posts.
All the best,

Simon said...

Thanks Sue - I really like Radiohead and that's a really good 'low' mood song. Feeling better today though even if a little hungover! Stay tuned, more posts will be coming.