Friday, 3 July 2009

Damn my weak moral fibre

The weight loss is going crap. I know all the benefits of eating better, cutting out the beer, and starting exercise again. But I can't get my fat lazy arse in gear to do any of it. Part of the problem is the weather (although it is only a small part) because getting in from work when it's glorious and warm outside encourages me to sit in the garden with a good book and have a couple of cold beers. A cup of tea, or a glass of water, just isn't the same and you're a long time dead so why not enjoy it? But when I'm sitting at my desk and can feel my trousers restricting my blood flow to my legs, it can't be good can it?
It doesn't help I discovered a new beer in my local beer shop the other day. I've got a bit of a taste for light beers from Cornwall, and found one called Frothy Moth. It's like a real beer, but light and refreshing and very nice. However - last night, I had just a couple of bottles, and then in the middle of the night I got heartburn like a bitch. I mean REALLY bad, excess stomach acid the works. Horrible.
The reason for the need for beer was that Jake had played in the first couple of rounds of a borough cup tournament, 11-a-side format. The games were 20 mins each way, in a group of three teams, so Jake's team played their two other teams one after the other. It was really warm and humid, so hard work for the boys (and for the dads like me on the sidelines!) but they did really well, winning both their games. The first one 1 - 0 (Jake scored it) the second one 3 - 0 (Jake scored two). Even though I am biased, he played really well in both games. When he's in that mood, he's unplayable. I was a very proud father last night. But, I was a very HOT father, hence the beer-aid.
This weekend he has another tournament (6-a-side this time) and apart from that it's gonna be a quiet one I think. Whatever you're doing, enjoy the weather. Peace.

Soundtrack of the day: "La Roux" by La Roux (80's synth music re-invented for 2009).


Charlie Naseweis said...

If you want guaranteed weight loss, try playing football in this weather - I think I sweated out half my body weight last night at Brunel (drink loads of fluids* though).

*not beer

Simon said...

Told you I've retired from football.

Colin said...

If you want to loose weight cut the beer out and do some exercise.

I ran 8 miles on Tuesday and felt good, but was bloody thirsty afterwards.

Gym is always an option....;-0)

Simon said...

Stop going on about you "running 8 miles". Its not big and its not clever. I know HOW to get in shape, but if you read the post you'll see it's the effort involved that is the problem.

Emma said...

Colin, he wasn't impressed when I ran 8 miles either ...