Monday, 6 July 2009

As I have nothing else to post about today...

... I thought I'd share the recipe I did on Saturday night: Sea bass & crushed new potatoes.

I got two fresh sea bass fillets from a certain orange branded supermarket, and some baby new potatoes. First of all, I boiled the new potatoes until they were done, as I knew the sea bass would not take long to cook. Once the spuds were done, I crushed them (kinda like mashing, but you only break them up into chunks, not into a smooth texture) and then added some extra virgin olive oil (not too much) freshly ground black pepper, sea salt, and freshly chopped flat leaf parsley.
Once the spuds were done, I heated a tablespoon of good quality olive oil in a frying pan, and when it was hot, put the sea bass fillets in skin side down. While they were cooking, I seasoned with freshly ground black pepper and sea salt. After just three minutes, I turned the fillets over.
After two more minutes, I turned off the heat and let them cook for one more minute. Then serve.

Even if I say it myself, it was gorgeous, and the first time I've cooked sea bass. I recommend it very strongly. Even if you're nervous of cooking fish, it really was that easy.

Even though this isn't a cooking blog, if any of you want to share a recipe, send it to me via email and I'll post it up.



Colin said...

Hi Marco!

Why don't you try roasting some new spuds next time... They taste really good.

I would recomend that if you want to barbie. Get a Beef Joint from a good quality butcher or buy fro orange shop, even a blue shop.

Get some olive oil and some balsamic vinegar mix together with some garden herbs. put the mixture over the joint and let it diffuse, Chop some onion and pepper up and when ready put in some tin foil. Then put it on a slow heat.....for 2 hours depending on how you like your meat!

You get 1 great tasty meal very nice...

Serv with roasted new potatoes and some veg... or salad

Have a good day

Shauna said...

Let it diffuse?? Where did you get that gem from, Mr White?

He prepares me one meal and he thinks he's Gordon Ramsay!!!

Simon said...


Charlie Naseweis said...

Colin swears like Gordon Ramsay!!