Monday, 13 October 2008

What I did at the weekend

Well, the beard is still coming along - its at that stage now where its starting to look more like a beard and less like the long ignored stubble of a wino. Its at that itchy stage now, but must persevere as I want a nice bushy one by the end of the month.

Saturday Jake had training - but no match on Sunday as he was not well :-(
He was supposed to be playing against the toughest team in his division, but he had a rotten cough and a temperature Saturday night, so we thought it best he rested. They lost 5 - 3 in the end, so not too bad (managing to score 3 goals against who should be the league winners is good).

Sunday, I borrowed a bike (push bike) and decided to ride to work and back. I have been wanting to ride to work for ages but a) haven't got a bike of my own and b) was worried that by the time I got to work I would be swimming in sweat - and with no showers in the office, this would obviously be a problem. So anyway, I decided to give it a go.
First of all, the ride itself was actually really nice - I left early in the morning, so there was very little traffic, and the mist was just lifting - lovely. But my goodness, was it hard work. My hands were sore (the grips on the bike are not the best... for some reason they're designed with the texture of a cheese grater - I shit you not! - so even with gloves on my hands were agony), my legs, although footballers legs (short, muscular, used to hard work) did ache quite a bit. And fitness-wise, it was a bit of a struggle. But I did it, there and back, a round trip of about 9 - 10 miles I think, 26 minutes each way. I didn't get off the bike once, even up one particularly massive hill, and didn't even have a drink or anything with me. The only downside? I was sweatier than a sweaty thing. When I got to the office, I was swimming in it - no WAY could I then walk into the office in that state, which is a shame, because I think I would enjoy riding to work every now and then.
Finally on Sunday afternoon, to my parents house for a lovely roast dinner.
So that was my weekend - anyone else get up to anything good?


colin said...

It wasn't you who stole my bike was it.

Isn't cycling good fun.. I try and get out on it most weekends when the weather is ok. (like yesterday)

About to go on my bike and I find the garage door open and bike gone. No police came round to speak to me.

They bolt croped the eye I think as my padlock was on the floor

Simon said...

Bastards Col... and of course the Police won't show too much interest will they.
Yes, cycling is good fun, although I will need to do it more often so I stop sweating like a fat lad in a cake shop.

Charlie Naseweis said...

I had my first puncture on friday so had to change the inner tube before I left work to get home. And there's a slight buckle in the rear wheel.

Plus I've just forked out for bike lights, hi viz vest, and will shortly be getting some warm weather gear as it's getting a bit nippy in the mornings now.

My point? Well, cycling is great fun but it costs more than a few quid - especially if you get some pikey toe rag nicking your bike (hard luck Col)!!!

Russ said...

I don't currently have a bike and didn't borrow one either, so therefore I didn't ride a bike at the weekend.

What I did do, though, was give evidence to a policeman in my lounge at 2.30am on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

It turns out that the 3 very loud bangs I heard at half-past-midnight weren't fireworks at all.

On Sunday morning I had to drive over a crime scene (well just avoid driving over a bullet casing apparently) to take Amelie swimming!!

Oh the joys of living in scummy Newhaven.

Simon said...

Russ - no way! Was there anything about it on the news? Reminds me of the time someone tried to kick my front door in, in the early hours of a Sunday morning...talking to the rozzers at silly hours of the day.

colin said...

Want to go for a bike ride Simon, if you fancy a 2 half hour ride with Mr g then let us know. There will be Canals roads and a bit of the Ebury way. ( a dissused railway track)good fun though.

I might get my old bike repaired as I have a feeling that it will happen again. A new bike there bound to notice. If anyone has anythoughts on how to secure a bike in a garage then please let me know. One has suggested motor bike anchors!

Russ said...

I may have over-dramatised it. Apparently they were blanks and they had a guy in custody when the sole copper was doing house-to-house rounds in the silly hours.

Having said that, a gun that can fire blanks is no different to one that can fire live ammo, so maybe it was dramatic after all!