Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I am SUCH a wuss

Yes the beard has gone. I had one day, ONE DAY of unbearable itching and thought "sod it, it has to come off". I wasn't expecting to grow a Brian Blessed style mega-bushy number, but I was at least hoping to get to a Bill Oddie...but no, I just couldn't handle how horrible it felt. So as I soon as I got home I was out with the clippers and it all came off - I now have a light dusting of stubble instead.

In other news... played well (again) last night. The guy I've been going with over the past few weeks made the point that since we've been going together, I've never been on the losing side. And I think he's right. We mix the sides up every week, and for a while now I've never lost. Now I know its a bit big headed to say, but I AM good at football! (And I'm gonna say that coz I pretty much suck at everything else...)

Finally, it's three weeks today until the next U.S Presidential Election. A new (so called) "leader of the free world" will be elected. What do we think people? Any opinions? Are any of my listeners from the U.S, do they want to share their thoughts? Do we in the UK even care? (Well, yes, we should actually... do we really want another George W. Bush??) Lets have your thoughts, to the usual address...



Charlie Naseweis said...

I did US politics (in particular JFK and LBJ, and 60's politics) as part of my Uni course, so I have a passing interest in the Presidential elections. I find Obama quite a refreshing choice of candidate; you could draw many parallels with him & Kennedy. In reality though I expect the US will end up electing the "safer" option of McCain.

Football - hope you play better this thursday than last mate!

Russ said...

I know nothing of politics, especially other country's politics, but what I do know is that I am sick to death of the whole Presidential election shit that's been on the UK screens for what seems like an eternity.

Having said that, President Palmer... I mean.. Obama looks OK. McCain should stick to oven chips and quit his smear campaigns.

I am kinda jealous, though, cos our "President", is a fat Scottish twat who has all the charisma of a staple-gun and doesn't seem qualified to run a bath, let alone a country.

Since Gordon Brown (texture like sun) has been Prime Minister, we have had flooding disasters, terrorism at airports, housing market crashes, economic doom and gloom and no end of stabbings and shootings in the capital and other cities. (though I don't think we can actually blame him for the flooding!)

He is a first-class pillock, but what other alternatives do we have?

It strikes me that all politicians are dicks who like power and who will lie and false-promise as much as they have to, to get where they want.

Simon said...

Russ - only the truly techie would wrap their text in their own tags...genius.

charlie - I have a reason for last Thursday, but don't worry it won't happen again.

Colin said...

I have to admit that I have had enough of the US Elections but I have a feeling Obama might win.

I have to admit I've had enough of Sarah Palin and the pitbull and lipstick remark! Enough is enough!

I think Obama will be better than McCain.He has the true American at heart! Anyone is better than the Dick they have at the moment

I only hope our PM will not a be a poodle to the new President.

my last word is Come on England!

Mom said...

Sorry to hear you shaved. I love a man with a beard.
I will be very glad when this election is over. I feel slimed with all the mud that has been slung. I am voting for Obama. I may move to a far away country if Palin and the old guy win.

Simon said...

Hi Mom, welcome back. Im sure England would be glad to have you if the old fella gets in!