Monday, 6 October 2008

I hate football...

...sometimes. The weekend's football started off badly - Jake had a poor training session, (bad attitude, not concentrating etc.) but then Sunday morning his team played their first league game of the season, against a good side, and they came back from 1 - 0 down to win 2 - 1. And guess who got the winner? Yep, number one son. So I was buzzin' when I went home Sunday lunchtime, thinking "football's great" and I was looking forward to watching the Sunday afternoon games while listening to reports on how my team were doing. And that started well! 2 - 0 up at half time, so 45 minutes left to hold out... and what happens? We go down to 10 men, and lose 3 - 2 in the last minute. Absolute kick in the teeth. So going from the high of Jake's win, to the low of City losing in one day. F*ckin football.
Still, I'm telling myself to look on the bright side and focus on Jake's performance on Sunday. He was outstanding, doing everything I think he should be doing as a centre forward, and to score the winner... well, perfect.
This week:
Tonight - playing football myself (I still get pleasure from that, so thats OK)
Tomorrow night - Jake's training
Wednesday night - no plans as yet
Thursday night - Im playing again
Friday night - no plans (where does the week go?)
I've also got a lot of work on this week, so am going to be pressured.
Soundtrack of the day: "The Illusion Of Progress" by Staind & "Strange Days" by The Doors and "Started Out With Nothing And I Still Got Most Of It Left" by Seasick Steve.
Update : New soundtrack of the day - "Dig Out Your Soul" by Oasis (yes, the new one).
Its been slated in some of the music press, saying "It's half a good album" but that would not put me off buying it - I mean, it's Oasis. And I have to say, I'm not disappointed.


Russ said...

Football can be a real healer sometimes, and a real cause for "discomfort" at other times!

Jake seems to be doing very well. Do you think we will see his name on a professional teamsheet soon? What clubs have you got lined up for him?

Simon said...

Well, as some of you may know, he has trained with Watford, Chelsea and QPR in the past, but unfortunately he was 'released' by Chelsea, we decided to leave QPR (in favour of Chelsea... d'oh!) and Watford actually closed the development centre he was at. So at the moment, he is only playing for his local side, plus he's trying out for his school team. With my biased fathers eye, I think he's good enough to get trials at academy sides, but if not, he's enjoying his football at the moment and thats all that matters. It's a big season for him next year, as he goes up to 11-a-side football!