Thursday, 23 October 2008

Still not much going on

God you must all be so bored by now!

OK, so an email went out recently to our department, telling us about our Christmas do... Good grief. My idea of hell. I know some people look forward to Christmas, especially the chance to go out and get drunk and stupid on the company's pound. But for me, I couldn't imagine a worse way to spend my free time. Seriously, I can't stand it. So a few people have been asking "So, are you going to the Christmas do this year?" and I think the way I just laugh and walk away gives them the notion that I won't be attending. It wasn't always this way. I remember a couple of good dos, back when I was sweet and innocent and not yet 20. I used to work for Texaco and we had one do at a hotel in London (can't remember which one) back in the days when companies paid for EVERYTHING. We had dinner, a band AND a dj, and a room in the hotel all company paid for. I managed to bed a girl who worked on the helpdesk with me, and it was a fantastic night all round.
Also, the first Christmas do I went to with the current Mrs. Molloy. We had met and got together during Euro '96, so when our company's Christmas do came round, and we were still at that stage in our relationship where we were keeping it quiet, we were both excited about going to the do together, but not 'together' (if you get my meaning) and then after the do we had a hotel booked in London for the night. I spent the evening getting ready in the hotel before meeting her at the do, but unfortunately overdid the speed a bit, so I was a little 'excited' all night... I think the common term is 'whizzin' my tits off'.
Anyway - they were good dos. But as I got older and more cynical, I went more and more off the idea. I haven't been to a Christmas do now in years, and I'm glad of it.
I think part of the problem is the "getting drunk with work mates and having to see them in the office again" thing. I mean, lets say you have a few too many shandies, and so does that collegue who normally gets right on your nerves. He says something to you he thinks is funny, (but isn't) and because you've had a drink, you give him a mouthful back and before you know it you're slugging it out in the car park. How can you then go back to working in the same office as him, sitting 10 feet away? It just can't be done.
Besides, I've cultivated this aura of misery, anger and cynicism for a while now, and it'd be going against what everyone thinks is my character to go along and play "happy co-worker". My good friends and family know what I'm really like, they are the people I like spending my time with, same as the few work collegues I actually like. Everyone else? pah.

There... for someone with nothing to write about, that was a bit of a rant wasn't it?

Peace. And Merry Christmas.


Colin said...

I'm not a big fan of the Xmas Party season. I don't go too mine anymore. Shauna isn't allowed to go. I work with some Arseholes who I wouldn't want to go for a beer with anyway.

Anonymous said...

The beauty of having no office base, and working nationwide, allows the polite decline of invitations as you won’t be in the area for the event. Leaving the choice of where, and who to spend an evening with entirely up to me. Exactly how I like it!

Grumpy in Glenview said...

At least there is some celebration