Friday, 30 July 2010

A (small) end of an era

It was Jake's last day as a junior student today. In September he starts in high / senior school. Scary!

I remember that I loved junior school - I was the first picked from my year to be part of the football team squad, I made some excellent friends who I am still very close to today, I had my first kiss... it was good. But then I went up to senior school and I hated it. I was picked on for the first three years, school went from being carefree and a breeze to being a stressful, merciless place with a lot more hard work. I couldn't wait to leave and that's a fact. (Oh, and I had NO luck with the opposite sex, which didn't help!) **
I know Jake will have a better time of it. He has far more talent on the football field than I did at his age, and he has a natural ability to get on with anyone. And the girls seem to like him which is good! Still... my little boy's growing up.

Take tonight for example - he's going away tomorrow for a week or so with his mum, so tonight I thought we'd have something nice for tea (home made yaki soba - superb even if I say so myself) and then watch a film and spend some time together. I have, however, been banished from the lounge as his mate has just turned up! Typical!

Anyway - those of you with kids older than Jake will know what I'm going through. Those with younger kids, you have it all to come!

Have a nice weekend all. Peace.

** OR the same sex, before some smart arse says that...

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