Friday, 13 August 2010

Another chapter comes to an end

We sold the marital home yesterday. (Well, ex-marital home). So that's another phase in my life come to a close. I'm not as 'sad' as I thought I would be, I think partly because I have moved on so much already. But there was a definite sense of melancholy when the solicitor called me to say the sale had gone through.
I am moving on with my life. Things are changing (for the better) and each day that goes by makes me feel a little better about the future.
Just as an aside - when the solicitor phoned me to say the sale had gone through I checked my bank balance... fcuk me!! It's NEVER been that healthy! But still, I have to be sensible with the money as it's for a deposit on my own house, which I will push on with once I have a job (still waiting...).
More updates soon, promise.


Colin said...

Good Stuff mate,

I hope you will finally be able to get a job.

Catch up soon ;-0)

Anonymous said...

Save some of that money and take your son to a music festival, maybe too late this year but certainly next year. Can guarantee the memories will stay with you both for rest of your lives.

Song for day/week....Radiohead House Of Cards....haunting classic (in my humble opinion).