Monday, 2 February 2009

Dog egg roulette

Yes, it's a blanket of white out there today. And no doubt, if Jake's school isn't open, he will want to come home and play in the garden (and if it IS open, he'll want to do it later). The problem is, I know for a fact we haven't cleared up all the dogs eggs from the garden. So when we're gathering snow to fling at each other, we're gonna have to be careful we don't fling anything 'extra' like the chimps do. I'm working from home, as it seemed the sensible thing to do. Travelling will be a nightmare (and even dangerous) so why risk struggling into the office, when I can do the job from here?

So anyway, if you're struggling into work, or have done, well done and I hope you have a safe journey home. If you haven't, enjoy the snow!


Charlie Naseweis said...

treachourous conditions out there mate! anyway thinking of driving in today - don't bother! It was twitchy bum time all the way today, didn't get above 15mph.

working from igloo.

Phil Dawson said...

Had no trouble getting to work mate, dont know what your moaning about.

38 degrees and sunny all week long. aaaahhhhhhhh

Should I go to the beach today or just sip ice cold beers by the pool?... just cant decide

colin said...

It took me nearly 2 hours to get to work.

I was able to leave though at 2.15. I was able to build a snow man.....;-0)