Friday, 12 June 2009

What would you do

Here I am, sat at my desk, and I have literally NO work to do. All my projects are completed or awaiting input from other sources, over which I have not control or influence. There are no other little jobs I can do to help anyone else out. I have not user issues to deal with, or documentation to do. I can't just sit at my desk and read a book (as much as I'd like to) because that would look unprofessional. And there are only so many internet sites you can go to before you're all webbed out.

So - what would YOU do?


russ said...

1. Create some Gooogies for your mates.
2. Tinker with Web Apps for the iPhone (
3. Buy a few packets of maltesers, skittles or revels and see how many you can fit in your mouth.
4. Write an amusing short story about gender-reassignment.
5. Print some amusing/offensive "notices" and put them up around the office
6. Hide useful and well-used items around the office (leave them in random/bizarre places or on unsuspecting colleagues desks)
7. Design a crossword, with all the answers being swearwords
8. Write a post-it note to yourself about a made-up phone message, then go around the office asking if it was them who wrote it.
9. Download some free Apps to your iPhone
10. Post some humourous made up personal ads on some free-to-use website, with someone else's contact details

Simon said...

Utter genius Russ. If I am this bored again on Monday, I will be re-visiting your suggestions. Now, however, as it's Friday I am gonna go home in 20 mins! WOOHOO!