Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Some numbers I've discovered

A quick post today, just to tell you some facts I've recently discovered:

Individual pieces of human-made debris, each over 1cm in length, in Earth orbit: 579,500
Proportion of internet users who visit at least one 'adult' website a month: 36%
Number of knives confiscated from members of the public visiting the House of Commons in 2008: 142
Value of clothes, accessories, electronic appliances and jewellery carried by the average Briton: £972.00
A rock drummers heart rate in BPM: 191
Maximum capability of IBM's 'Roadrunner' supercomputer in calculations per second - 1,026 quadrillion


Update: Have you seen this new XB360 controller story thing? Project Natal? Have you heard about it? Is it for real? How cool will it be? Opinions, thoughts etc. (only the geeky need apply)

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