Friday, 19 June 2009

Something else I'm no good at

Shopping. On Wednesday night, I went to Westfield with a mate (the big shopping mall in Shepherds Bush, West London). I don't normally have any spare cash, but recently I came into a little bit of money (not a lot, but enough to maybe buy myself something nice) so I thought it would be good to go have a look round some nice shops and see what takes my fancy. I had visions of new trainers, new clothes, electronic equipment, all sorts... but when I got there, and was looking around, I just couldn't spend the money. There was nothing I actually needed so even though there were a few things I saw that I thought "yeah, that's quite good / nice" I couldn't bring myself to take the plunge and splurge. I know some men and all some women can spend ages walking round the shops, picking up little bits and pieces and doing all that nonsense, but I have worked out I can only shop if I actually need anything. For example, I need some new golf balls - so I will quite happily go to the shops, look at the brands I usually buy, see what deals are on, and buy some. Same for Christmas presents. In, buy, out. By the end of the evening Wednesday, I was tired, irritable, hungry and gagging for a beer. My friend nearly bought a suit (one of the reasons we went shopping) but couldn't decide on just the right one. So we thought "sod it" and went had a curry and beer, which was brilliant, and the best thing I spend my money on all evening!
So, plans for the weekend? Not much. On Sunday Jake has his first football tournament of the summer, so cue standing around watching football and stuff. And as it's also Fathers Day on Sunday (shit... gotta buy a card!) I'll then spend the rest of the day doing the grand total of fcuk all. Have a lovely Friday all.


Miss Wills said...

Your not alone, I hate shopping, In fact I havent been shopping for about 6 months. I don't like crowds so if I really need to go, I will go alone, so I can go and get what I need quickly and then come straight home. In the past I have been with friends who spend ages deciding what to buy and go in ALL the shops to see where its cheapest. I does my head in.

Internet shopping for the win :)

russ said...

I went to f&*#ing Ikea last night. Hate it.
Wish they would burn them all to the ground.
Stupidly named items in a stupidly designed shop.
Stupid stupid Swedish stuff sellers.

Simon said...

Hear hear - I fcukin' hate Ikea too... One of my personal hells would be Ikea on a busy Sunday afternoon... urgh

Anonymous said...

Just like Miss Wills, I'm another woman who hates crowded shops. I was going to add that I'm proud to say I have never been to Ikea - then I read Russ's comment and wonder why on earth he went to f&*#ing Ikea if he feels the same!
Beer and curry - a far better idea.

russ said...

I went to f&*#ing Ikea because I love my wife and daughter. My wife asked me kindly to go and get a chair for daughter's new room.
There. ;)

Mrs Molloy said...

Simon hasn't been to IKEA since 1997 when he got into a tantrum in the car park and started kicking his dad's car, shouting and swearing, tearing cardboard off furniture and generally over reacting to the fact that the stuff we'd bought didn't fit in the car.