Thursday, 4 June 2009

Some more questions / dilemmas for you

If you could find out how you will die, (not the time, just the method), would you want to know?

If someone offered you £1 million, but told you that if you took it a man in China would drop down dead, would you take the money?

If you were chosen to anonymously administer a lethal injection to a death-row inmate, could you do it?

If someone asked you to tell a complete stranger that their wife / husband had just died in a horrific accident, could you do it?

If you believed a man was guilty of murder, would you lie in a court of law to get him convicted?

You're in a hotel, up on the 5th floor. The hotel is 'U' shaped so from your room you can see directly across into another room. As you look, you notice a very attractive member of the opposite sex, naked, pleasuring themselves. They do not notice you. Do you watch? Does your answer change if that person is NOT attractive? Does your answer change if you realize you know that person?

I realize all but one of these questions have a 'death' motif - this is not for any particular reason (I'm not feeling especially morbid today or anything) but I realized that questions involving death usually provoke the strongest feelings with regards to morality and 'doing the right thing'. I'd be interested to see what you lot out there make of them. If you feel that your answers might reveal too much about you, I will allow anonymous submissions...


Phil Dawson said...

1. Yes for sure
2. Nup (but why China?)
3. If they (or any members of their immediate family who will be waiting in the parking lot) didnt know it was me, Yes - otherwise No!
4. Yes
5. If it was just my opinion, No.
6. I think this question definitely also has a death motif .........if your partner sees you watching that is! Ummm, I think the fact that they keep going, knowing that your watching, says alot here. Therefore if your interested (and single) why the hell not!

Anyway enough of this - Whats the bloody Hayes Bypass incident!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1. No, too much information.
2. No, Karma would catch up, it always does.
3. No, well I could if I knew that they had hurt someone that I loved, or a child, then I could do it.
4. No, I would always remember the look in the persons eyes.
5. Mmm, Only if I was certain that he was guilty and would kill again.
6. Yes I would watch, I wouldnt watch them if they were very unattractive, I wouldnt watch if I knew them either...

Anonymous said...

1. No, would rather leave it to fate.
2. Yes (nothing against Chinese)
3. No
4. Don't think I could
5. If it was just my gut feeling, No.
6. Yes / Yes / No