Thursday, 21 May 2009

One of THOSE mornings

Yes, one of those mornings this morning, and it's only just gone 07.00.
So far I've:

  • Fallen out of the shower this morning
  • Got a blood blister on my finger
  • Smashed my hand into a cupboard at work
  • Had some fcuker pull out on me on the way to work
  • Left my mobile phone at home(!! ARRGGH)
  • Can't find my usual glass at work that I have my drinks out of
  • Got caught at every red light just as they changed to red on the way to work

So not much when you read it like that, but when they're happening your temperature goes up and up and up and before you know it you're screaming at someone to just fcuk off and die and you just want to rewind to 8 hours ago and start again.

So anyway - Number one son has been away now 48 hours... I hope he's OK and having a blast (I bet he hasn't even thought of his parents so far!) and he's back tomorrow afternoon. So one more night of quiet. But then everyone's off again at the weekend! So more days of peace (and yes, boredom). Today I'll be working on this nasty bit of code that I've been stuck on for a couple of days now. Its good because I get my head down and the day goes quick, but it's bad because I can't fcuking fix the thing. I'll be searching my MP3 player for inspirational music to help me through, and posting each album as it comes on here on Twitter - feel free to follow along. Peace.
Update: Just found out I've forgotten my wallet as well... so no money for lunch. BASTARD!


Anonymous said...

I hate days like that, its one thing after another, makes me wanna scream.

Hope today gets better for you :)

Simon said...

Anon. Thank you... whoever you are! (Names, names, names people!)

purplegirl said...

Sucks dude. Relieve some stress on some virtual bubblewrap. :)

Charlie Naseweis said...

this might be a bad time to bring up that I've found your Beatles Yellow Submarine video in my parents loft?

Simon said...

Charlie - har fcuking har

Anonymous said...

Good Grief! And the planets are out of alignment..

I never have days like that...*cough*