Monday, 18 May 2009

Im still here

Just not much going on at the moment is all.

Weekend was quiet - football with Jake was the main thing.

Jake is going away tomorrow until Friday (eep!) with his school. It'll be the longest he's been away from home without family. He's so excited he could spurt, but we're gonna miss him. At least it'll be quiet!

I need:
A shave
A haircut
A diet
A drink

I want:
More money
More free time
More cool gadgets

I'm Getting:
None of my "want" list

Soundtrack of the day: Anything loud to drown out the voices...



russ said...

I need:
a rest
to get rid of this headache

I want:
What Simon wants

I'm getting:
Bored of computers
Excited about an impending addition to the family.

PS. About these voices. Are they the incessant chattering ones at work, or the satanic-chanting ones in your head?!

Simon said...

Bit of both - the annoying "I'm pregnant isn't it great, my bowels did this over the weekend" ones and the "Kill them. Kill them all. Don't stop to think just KILL THEM ALL!" ones too.

Charlie Naseweis said...

I need:
your lovin'

I want:
to break free

I'm getting:
better and better and better

Anonymous said...

I want to be fitter.... Six Pack....

Drink less beer....

have loads of money

to live by the coast either here.. Cornwall or Norn Iron...

My main thing is to have a new shoulder

Anonymous said...

I need:
A new Job
A haircut
A new wing mirror

I want:
More Money
More Time
A place of my own

Im getting:
None of the Above

Life is just great!!!

greeny said...
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