Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I've very recently gone through the whole 'applying for a new job' process again.  There is nothing wrong with my current role, in fact I'd quite happily stay here for a while with no problems.  But what happened was that a 'recruitment consultant' (agent) approached me about a new possibility he was looking to fill, and in a skill search my CV was the only one that came up that matched what he was looking for within 40 miles of Manchester.  I took that as a good sign - I mean, surely that means I will be in demand, right?

I made it clear, from the first phone call, that I was not looking to move on and was happy enough where I was.  However as an I.T professional (yes, I am, don't argue) it's always a good idea to keep an open mind when a new opportunity presents itself.  So this agent convinced me it was worth at least having a conversation with the company who were looking to recruit and to see how I felt about the role and how they felt about me.  This was last week.

Well the call obviously went well, as I was invited in for a face to face with the I.T Manager and a couple of the developers I'd be working with.  This was yesterday.  This morning I received some feedback from the agent about what the company thought of me... I will quote some of it here (I shit you not, this is copied and pasted from the emails I received)...

"I spoke to [I.T Manager] on my way home yesterday evening. His feedback was positive, and [Lead Developer] and [Developer] also gave a positive recommendation after having met you.

All felt that you came across well, and that you demonstrated the confidence to be able to make a strong contribution and look after this project that they have planned. [I.T Manager] also commented that he felt he got on with you well, and could see you fitting in but also getting on well with the existing team. All in all, a very favourable review – they are quite fussy by the way "

I replied that this didn't seem as 'gushing' as I thought considering the impression I got during the interview, and so he then said...

"They tend not to go OTT on feedback, but for them to have no concerns, is almost unheard of. They normally have some reservation about people they interview, whether big, or very small, but with you there were none. So that’s a first for me and a big well done for you I’d say.

When I mentioned they would be likely to pursue, [I.T Manager] actually suggested job offer, but I didn’t want to state that in case it doesn’t work out and then you feel like you have been lead along.

So for them to have already come to that conclusion, an hour after having met you for the first time, is something to be proud of!"

I've changed the names of individuals to job titles, but apart from that, that's what I received today.  Sounds good doesn't it?  Very positive, and with the impression they are willing to offer me a job.  Awesome.

However, over email the agent and I then discussed what MY package expectations were.  Salary, holidays etc.  When I told him what I would need to be offered to consider leaving (again, reminding him that I am happy here and it would really need to be the right offer for me to consider it) he... how can I put it.  He seemed to throw his toys out of the pram a little.  It seems that it's been forgotten that I did not categorically say I wanted to leave and would take what ever they offered.  The next three or four emails I received from him were one sentence responses.  He's obviously not happy!

And now, that's made ME feel bad.  How's that happened?? I almost feel obliged to take an offer (if one is forthcoming) just to keep him happy and not annoy or upset him.  That's not right is it?  I know that if they don't offer me an attractive enough package, I will feel very guilty about saying no.  And no matter that people will say "Oh don't worry, it's the agents job" etc. I will still feel as though I have led him on or something even though I have maintained throughout this I am NOT guaranteed to accept any offer that may come my way.

Why can't I be more ruthless?  I am in the lucky position that I don't need to move on from my current role, so why can't I stop feeling like the agent is doing ME a favor by sorting this out for me, and if I say no to him why will I feel as though I've let him down?  Am I weird?

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Anonymous said...

The feedback from the company was brilliant. The recruiter is perhaps watching his ridiculously high commission 'fluttering' away. That's all he is bothered about. Like you said you made it very clear right from the outset so you have Nowt to feel bad about. X


Simon said...

Thank you Jo x I can always rely on you for a good perspective on things

George Michael said...


Cantona07! said...

If the package isn't right u won't take it.....and u made that clear from start so DO NOT feel guilty!!! oh and I wouldn't use the agency again. Find one that earns less commission but actually is on your side and has your best interests at heart.

Simon said...

Thanks for the comment Steve - you're right I probably won't go through that agency again, but the silly thing is they made the first approach! I'll update here with what happens...

Russ Barker said...

You shouldn't be made to feel guilty. If this is how that particular agentworks then he is a bad bad man.

You are in the right and he is in the wrong.

Don't ever be forced to do anything just because some fool is having a hissy fit. Especially something as important as a job.

Simon said...

Thanks Russ :-)
Did you think any more about what we talked about the other day?

Phil Dawson said...

Funny you wrote this as im in a similar position but with a car I just sold. Someone bought a car off me sight-unseen from across the other side of oz. I suggested he might want to fly over and drive it or check it out but he was happy with just the pics and the description.

He sent me the money and spent extra cash transporting it over and today he calls me with attitude that its not what he was expecting quality wise and its going to cost alot to get it registered in his state.

I did not lie, everything i said i would do was done and he wasnt saying he wanted his money back or anything, just 'letting me know'.


Simon said...

Hey Junior :-)
I think it's because deep down we're both 'nice' people. I don't mean that to sound flippant or overly soft, but we actually care about our perceived reputation by people and we feel that we want to do right by anyone we interact with. There are other people of course who are the opposite and take advantage of people like us, but in the end I don't think we'll ever get away from feeling slightly guilty when things like my employment process, or your car transaction, happen.