Monday, 8 October 2012


It's been a while since I last posted, and I apologise for that.  My motivation recently hasn't been aimed toward writing (even though I have a story to write, poetry to compose, a blog to keep updating).  If I haven't been working I've been at home doing other things (like learning to play "Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues" by Skip James - twatting hard that).

Anyway.  One of the things I have been doing is thinking about 'pod casting'.  I wonder whether it's something I could do, if I'd enjoy it, and if people would watch it.
"What would you talk about?", I hear absolutely no one asking... well I think it would be along the lines of my more 'ranty' blogs.  I picture me, in front of my web cam, talking about something that I would normally put in a blog while recording myself, then posting it up online.

Those that know me know I loathe being seen in either video or pictures, so doing this would kind of go against that.  It's easy to write words on a screen and swear and shout (metaphorically) because there is a feeling of anonymity whilst sat in front of a keyboard.  But actually putting my face and voice to something, that's different.  Even though there wouldn't be a 'live' presence (although I do have the ability and the software to be able to do that) people would see it as actually 'me', rather than  just words on their screen.

I think my first couple of postings would be watched by quite a few people from my Facebook friends list - more out of curiosity to see how I look now rather than the content.  But beyond that, would interest be there?  I have no idea.

Maybe I'll have a go at it one night this week and see what I think of the results.  At the moment I can do that, and post it to the same place I store some of the songs I've covered so it would be easily accessible.  I don't know.  As I said, I've been thinking about it, so we'll see what happens.

Currently reading: "The Official Zombie Handbook : The Ministry Of Zombies (UK)" by Sean T. Page (and really hoping for a Zombie uprising).
Currently listening to: Bloodhound gang for the laughs, Seasick Steve for good slide guitar blues.
Currently eating: 60% cocoa dark chocolate with cherries.



Cantona07! said...

As long as u podcast with clothes on that's cool! Lol. A brave move....I can't stand seeing myself in the mirror let alone do a good luck!

Simon said...

Steve, that's exactly my problem. I can't stand looking at myself. I think it's to do with wanting to try different ways in expressing myself and being creative. If it's shite, I'll just sack it :-)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't do it. Very brave, would be interested to see that.

jules said...

Maybe it might pave the way to a live music performance?

Simon said...

Come now Jules I'm not insane!

Simon said...

Come now Jules I'm not insane!

thehappyhugger said...

It would be interesting to watch. let me know if you take the plunge ...hopefully as mentioned before, fully clothed :) Unless you're going to do gardening in a loin cloth or something ;)

Simon said...

Thanks for visiting thehappyhugger - I didn't end up doing it in the end, but as you can see, I've really embraced (hugged?? ha) my writing on my fiction blog and I've discovered a great passion for that now :-)