Sunday, 26 September 2010

Impromptu nights

Hello children.
So I had a quiet morning yesterday once Jake had gone back to his mums, but then at about 16:00 my new lady and I decided to pop over to the local pub for "just a quick drink". This turned into three or four "quick drinks", which then turned into a curry and some more wine and *cough* some quality time together. It was a really great afternoon, evening and night and it all came from just a simple suggestion of a quick drink. This is why it's often said that all the best nights happen without a plan in place.
Today I am suffering a little, I can't lie. It's not too bad at the time of writing this as I've tried one of my hangover cures - an ice cold Budweiser and a big bowl of crisps - but this morning a drug addled raver could have danced to the thumping beat in my temples.
I have no other plans for today other than slumping on my recliner sofa (a recent acquisition which is utterly superb) and watching some football. I have a fridge engineer coming tomorrow to fix my fridge which has been broken for over three weeks. See I missed a rant there, didn't I, as I've not been updating regularly! I'll post the story of the fridge tomorrow maybe.
Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday and it's peaceful and hangover free.
Over 'n' out.

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jojohedgehog said...

you can't beat impromptu nights, mornings or afternoons :)